Helligkorsgade, Kølding, DK (built 1589; photo from WikimediaCommons by User:Mahlum, 2006)
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Borches gård, Kolding, DK (built 1595; photo from WikimediaCommons by User:Mahlum, 2006)
Erich David Niels FRIEDRICHSEN
Maria Hansigne Christiane BRANDT
Husband:  Erich David Niels FRIEDRICHSEN
Transhumance:  immigrant from Germany
Resided:  Nordenbrogård, Magleby Sogn, Langelands Sønder Herred, Svendborg Amt, DK
Wife:  Maria Hansigne / Marie Hansine Christiane BRANDT
Birth:  20 May 1815, of Ærøskøbing Sogn, Ærø Herred, Svendborg Amt, DK
Death:  17 Mar 1895
Father:  Hans Jorgensen BRANDT (1770-1833)
Mother:  Nicoline Christiane SCHYTH (1786- )
1.  Nicoline Cathrine FRIEDRICHSEN, b. 5 Oct 1839; d. 30 Mar 1912
2.  Hans-Jørgen Oluf FRIEDRICHSEN, b. 8 Nov 1842; d. America
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1.  Email from Rebecca Pederson, including link to family portrait [link died] (online at Green Square Copenhagen A/S):
On the back of the portrait was a typed letter telling who was in the painting.  It reads (and I am translating it)

Portrait of the family Friedrichsen 1857

Father:  Erich David Niels Friedrichsen, immigrant from Germany
Mother:  Maria Hansigne Christiane Brandt, born May 20, 1815, died March 17, 1895
Daughter:  Nicoline Cathrine Friedrichsen, born October 5, 1839, died March 30, 1912
Son:  Hans-Jørgen Oluf Friedrichsen, born November 8, 1842, death in America unknown

Father lived in Ærøskøbing, and later with the family moved to Nordenbrogaard, Langeland.  Son moved to America circa 1865. 

2.  LDS.  Family Search: Internet Genealogy Service:  IGI - International Genealogical Index (online at FamilySearch.org).
Marie Hansine Christiane Brandt
Birth: 20 May 1815, of Aeroskobnig, Svendborg, Denmark
Father: Hans Jorgensen Brandt (1770-1833); Mother: Nicoline Christiane Schyth (1786- )
Source: patron submissions

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Memorial stone for King Erik I (c1060-1103), a.k.a., 'Erik the Good' or Erik Ejegod; Borgvold, Viborg Amt, DK (photo from WikimediaCommons by User:Calvin, 2007). Viking burial ground (700-1150 CE), Lindholm Høje, Aalborg Amt, DK (photo from WikimediaCommons by User:Bunnyfrosch, 2007).