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 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location   Tree 
1 F103
 ANDREASSEN, Johanne Cathrine Kirstine   GLAD-48960 
2 F010
  21 May 1890  GLAD-48960 
3 F066
ABILDHOLT, Christen Christensen GLAD, Ane Andersdatter 27 Jun 1834  GLAD-48960 
4 F090
ANDERSEN, Chanley Vincent JACKSON, Adell Marie 29 Nov 1948 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UT  GLAD-48960 
5 F091
ANDERSEN, Ephriam CHASE, Grace 4 May 1920 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UT  GLAD-48960 
6 F102
ANDERSEN, Ephriam ROBISON, Bernice Grace 3 May 1951 Las Vegas, Nevada  GLAD-48960 
7 F281
ANDERSEN, James Isaac CARRUTH, Vera Leola 27 Aug 1937 Deshesne, UT  GLAD-48960 
8 F263
ANDERSEN, Joseph Jackson KRESSER, Louie Jessie   GLAD-48960 
9 F190
ANDERSEN, Maurice Christian EDWARDS, Vesta Erma 16 Jun 1920 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UT  GLAD-48960 
10 F191
ANDERSEN, Morgan Andrew SMITH, Grace 1 Aug 1917  GLAD-48960 
11 F308
ANDERSEN, Niels    GLAD-48960 
12 F193
ANDERSEN, Wallace Jackson HUGGINS, Vera May 19 Feb 1950 Elko, Nevada  GLAD-48960 
13 F040
ANDERSEN GLAD, Andrew Alfsen DAVISON, Ada Leah Harwood 7 Feb 1910 Castle Gate, Carbon, Utah  GLAD-48960 
14 F039
ANDERSEN GLAD, Andrew Davison TURNER, Hilma 4 Dec 1934 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UT  GLAD-48960 
15 F116
ANDERSEN GLAD, Bruce Davison HARDMAN, Edna Jeanette 23 Mar 1933 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah  GLAD-48960 
16 F029
ANDERSEN GLAD, Clyde Davison THOMSON, Janet May 3 Jul 1930 Logan, Cache Co, UT  GLAD-48960 
17 F042
ANDERSEN GLAD, Donald Davison BROWN, Virginia 1951  GLAD-48960 
18 F085
ANDERSEN GLAD, Harluf GEERTSEN, Edna Jannette 11 Apr 1924 Salt Lake City, UT  GLAD-48960 
19 F013
ANDERSEN GLAD, Henry Nephi HUNT, Mary Helen 24 Jan 1923 Salt Lake City, UT  GLAD-48960 
20 F084
ANDERSEN GLAD, Joseph JACKSON, Dorothy Rachel 1 Nov 1916 Farmington, UT  GLAD-48960 
21 F069
ANDERSEN GLAD, Niels Christian Marinus LUNDIN, Ida Christina 10 Jun 1909 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UT  GLAD-48960 
22 F025
ANDERSEN GLAD, Niels Christian Marinus HANSEN, Lena 25 Feb 1920 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UT  GLAD-48960 
23 F015
ANDERSEN GLAD, Wilford Christian MCDERMOTT, Margaret Signora 12 Dec 1923 Salt Lake City, UT  GLAD-48960 
24 F227
ANDREASEN, Aage MORTENSEN, Emma Emilie Marie 26 Dec 1930 Blenstrup, Denmark  GLAD-48960 
25 F095
ANDREASEN, Anders Peter LARSEN, Matilde 27 Nov 1881 Hals, Hals, Ålborg, Denmark  GLAD-48960 
26 F291
ANDREASEN, Andreas Lasarus HANSEN, Kirstine 5 Nov 1915 Gaaser, Aalborg, Denmark  GLAD-48960 
27 F094
ANDREASEN, Andreas Laurits SVENDSEN, Katrine Stefine Kirstine Berntine 4 Dec 1903 Øster Hassing, Ålborg, Denmark  GLAD-48960 
28 F295
ANDREASEN, August JORGENSEN, Bertha Birgitte   GLAD-48960 
29 F306
ANDREASEN, Evald JACOBSEN, Lily Petrea   GLAD-48960 
30 F290
ANDREASEN, Jacob Svendsen THOMSEN, Johanne Marentine 4 May 1909 Øster Hassing, Ålborg, Denmark  GLAD-48960 
31 F303
ANDREASEN, Jens HANSEN, Karen Marie   GLAD-48960 
32 F180
ANDREASEN, Jens Christian HARDMAN, Losene 13 Apr 1913 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UT  GLAD-48960 
33 F074
ANDREASEN, Jens Peter JAKOBSDATTER, Bodil Marie 13 Nov 1883 Øster Hassing, Ålborg, Denmark  GLAD-48960 
34 F187
ANDREASEN, Lars Ebsen HANSEN, Annamay 29 Apr 1930 Burley, Cassia, ID  GLAD-48960 
35 F076
ANDREASEN, Mads Peter RASSMUSSEN, Johanne Marie   GLAD-48960 
36 F075
ANDREASEN, Mads Peter SORENSEN, Maren Kirstine 19 Sep 1884 Øster Hassing, Ålborg, Denmark  GLAD-48960 
37 F184
ANDREASEN, Martinus 'Andy' COLLETT, Elizabeth 'Beth' 3 Oct 1923 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UT  GLAD-48960 
38 F297
ANDREASEN, Niels Peter BERTELSEN, Nina   GLAD-48960 
39 F072
ANDREASEN, Niels Peter OLSEN, Nielsine Petrine 21 Oct 1884 Øster Hassing, Ålborg, Denmark  GLAD-48960 
40 F172
ANDREASEN, Niels Peter ALFSEN, Alfine Karlotte 10 Mar 1889 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UT  GLAD-48960 
41 F080
ANDREASEN, Niels Peter PETERSEN, Nancy Jensine 28 Nov 1934 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UT  GLAD-48960 
42 F298
ANDREASEN, Oscar Richard JESPERSGAARD, Karen Viola Pedersen   GLAD-48960 
43 F182
ANDREASEN, Otto Eskild KJARE, Lillian D. 20 Nov 1919 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UT  GLAD-48960 
44 F302
ANDREASEN, Poul KRISTIANSEN, Lillian Berath   GLAD-48960 
45 F175
ANDREASEN, Soren Christian BAER, Alice Melvina 21 Jul 1910 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UT  GLAD-48960 
46 F293
ANDREASEN, Soren Christian CHRISTENSDATTER, Kirstine Hansine Thomine 19 Sep 1919 Hals, Ålborg, Denmark  GLAD-48960 
47 F176
ANDREASEN, Soren Christian GOTLOB, Sue L. Clair 17 Oct 1922 Salt Lake City, UT  GLAD-48960 
48 F185
ANDREASEN, Thorwald FEWKES, Leah Maurine 7 Nov 1928 Twin Falls, Twin Falls, ID  GLAD-48960 
49 F065
ASHCRAFT, James Orian ANDREASEN, Emma Elizabeth 14 Jun 1925 Burley, Cassia, ID  GLAD-48960 
50 F211
BARKANS, Peteris GLAD, Carol Bef 1954  GLAD-48960 

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Memorial stone for King Erik I (c1060-1103), a.k.a., 'Erik the Good' or Erik Ejegod; Borgvold, Viborg Amt, DK (photo from WikimediaCommons by User:Calvin, 2007). Viking burial ground (700-1150 CE), Lindholm Høje, Aalborg Amt, DK (photo from WikimediaCommons by User:Bunnyfrosch, 2007).

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